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It’s Time To Start Vaping and Easily Quit Smoking

The vape trend has taken the world by storm, and there’s a good reason for it. When it comes to addiction, smoking cigarettes often tops the list among youngsters. From a cigarette a day to chain-smoking up to 20 or more cigarettes, nicotine loves to stick by you for the rest of your life until it takes your soul away. Every tobacco addict out there wishes to quit smoking cigarettes at some point. What if I tell you that the rehabilitation process has become much easier and has been shortened to a single step. You just have to switch to a similar but less harmful alternative and, boom, no more guilt of harming your health. That’s where a vape comes in handy.

A lot of people go through nicotine replacement therapies to cut short the amount of it that they are inhaling on daily basis. Vaping is one prominent solution to that.

A vape is an electronic device that produces vapours in an aerosol form to be inhaled. A few chemicals along with flavours and a minor amount of nicotine is added to the tank of the e-cigarette. They are powered by batteries. Instead of burning, the substance is slightly heated up. As a result, steam-like cloudy vapours come out instead of smoke.

Vapes are less harmful to human health. To know why vapes have a preference over tobacco cigarettes we have to study their anatomy first.

No more guilt of harming your health. That’s where a vape comes in handy.

How Vapes Work

So, a vape consists of a cartridge filled with the liquid. When a vape is turned on, the battery starts the heating element which warms up the juice in the cartridge at a low voltage. This activates the aerosol or vapor. It starts coming out of the mouthpiece that is Inhaled by the person.

Different vaping devices include cig-a-likes, vape pens, mods, pod mods, etc. Vape juice consists of propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine that make up about 90 percent of its proportion. The rest is a minor amount of nicotine along with the flavourings.

Here are a few benefits of vaping over smoking that no one told you before.

10 Benefits of Vaping over Smoking Cigarettes

  1. Controlled Nicotine Intake

    Nicotine is the culprit behind addiction. May it be cigarettes or e-vaporizers it is available in both. The only difference is in the quantities.

    If you want to quit smoking, which is difficult for hardcore addicts, the vape is a solution that you have been looking for.

    Switch from cigarettes to a vape and your daily need for nicotine will ultimately shift to lower quantities. In this way, you can keep decreasing the amount every few weeks effortlessly and eventually quit smoking altogether.

  2. Save your Money
    If you like to smoke and you purchase a pack of cigarettes almost every day, it costs you more than a few pounds regularly until and unless you get rid of the addiction. But when it comes to vaping you only have to invest once. It can last up to months or even a year if handled properly.
    Vaping liquid known as e-juice or e-liquid has a shelf life of two to three years. And a vape battery fully charged can easily last long for up to three days.

  3. Less Harmful
    You must have heard it before: vaping is less harmful as compared to smoking cigarettes. Now there is a bit of science behind it.

    In a cigarette, raw dried tobacco leaves are burned resulting in combustion which produces smoke. Smoke is then inhaled by people, affecting their lungs.
    On the other hand, vape devices only warm the e-liquid slightly and produce their aroma incorporated with the flavoured vapours. This way is beneficial as the effect of the drug is reduced to less than 10%.

    Besides, it is not harmful to other non-smokers. Cigarettes poses a serious threat to passive smokers and vaping is considered safe in that regard.

  4. Variety of Flavours
    Vapes provide you with the opportunity of choosing between numerous flavours. Contrary to that, cigarettes are boring when it comes to flavour or taste. They serve you with the same old and bitter aftertaste of smoke. Flavours make the activity thrilling and mood changing for the generation. New flavours are being introduced all the time, making the pastime more interesting.

  5. No Smell
    We all are familiar with the cigarette smell. I mean, the stress of making everybody around uncomfortable with the odour of cigarettes is so annoying at times.
    Vapes on the other hand release a pleasant aroma of the flavours that are used. Their odour is so mild and barely noticeable that most of the time it cannot be even felt. And, in case, somebody comes nearby they tend to like the sweet smell, creating a warm ambiance with a tinge of aroma.
  6. Socially Acceptable
    Generally, vapes are considered socially acceptable compared to cigarettes. They look more fashionable and nicer in hand. They are super trendy among the youth; thus, it is considered a modern twenty-first-century thing, which makes it kind of fancy to use.
  7. No Mess
    From a burning cigarette, you constantly have to dust off the ash from the other end. An ashtray is required every time, which is not always possible. Vapes relatively have no such drawbacks. It is just a neat-looking device that you can easily carry  everywhere.

    Regular tobacco cigarette contains more than seven thousand chemicals. Merely the thought of it feels destructive.

  8. Convenient To Use
    Vapes are likely to satisfy your cravings quickly. Just a click of a button and it immediately starts warming the e-juice. Within a second you can get a hit of the filled liquid.

    Initiating the process of vaping is easy compared to smoking. A beginner only has to press the power button. It would not be inconvenient for the person to inhale or exhale vapours at all because our bodies are already used to it. Instead, smoking makes you uncomfortable and you might end up coughing harshly because your lungs do not accept smoke immediately.

    It is also convenient because you have a wide scale choice. It depends on you. You can also use a vape with or without any nicotine. It can be used for the trendy vapor tricks or people use it occasionally for recreational purposes.

  9. Easily Available
    Vapes now are very common as almost every other person uses them. They are made available at fuel stations and local grocery stores. A lot of online stores are also selling high-quality vapes at reasonable prices.
  10. Area Restrictions
    Relative to smoking cigarettes, you can smoke vape in most places without any fear or shame. Unlike cigarettes that can not be smoked in indoors in public places and workplaces. Those who smoke at such times are considered unethical. Comparatively, you have to face fewer judgmental mindsets when it comes to smoking vapes because it does not bother other people even in confined areas.

What Happens When You Finally Quit Smoking and Start Vaping?​

Apart from all these pros of vaping and quitting cigarette smoking, some major rehabilitation processes start in your body right away.

As soon as you stop smoking, from the very first day the process to repair your lungs and overall health that was harmed by smoking starts a backwards journey towards improvement:

  • Within eight hours of quitting, the majority of monoxide from the blood is removed as it is not found in the vapes.
  • Five days after quitting you will start feeling better. Your overall health will rejuvenate. Oral hygiene gets noticeably better along with the skin. The breathing process also gets smoother.
  • From the first week, your sense of taste and smell start improving.
    After three months your lung function starts enhancing. They regain the skill to detox themselves.
  • After 365 days your risk of stroke decreases immensely. Your risk of heart diseases gets halved by this time. 

Keep in mind that every cigarette that you do not smoke is doing wonders for you.

Avoid informal ways to get a vape. Like from a friend or an acquaintance instead go for a reputable company’s product that is prepared under supervision. Also, go for your very own vape instead of using others to avoid the spread of viral diseases. Make a nicotine withdrawal timeline that will aid in quitting your addiction over time. 

Without a doubt, it is clear that vaping is the best smoking cessation tool that you can have.

Let’s make smoking history.


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