GeekVape Aegis X Review

Hi everybody! Before I get into this review, I’d like to preface it by welcoming you to the first in my review series. I’ll be reviewing everything from the latest kits to all time classic. So, I’ll start with one that I’ve really been enjoying lately, and that is the GeekVape Aegis X. The version we’re stocking comes with the awesome Zeus Tank.

GeekVape has been producing a lot of good quality mods and pods lately. It has kept its name maintained among the top few companies for a while now. The reason behind this is the frequent release of new and updated devices. Here I will take you through the experience, specifications, user guide, and much more about the Aegis X mod kit. The Aegis series by Geekvape has been doing wonders so far; that’s why consumer expectations with the Aegis X mod are relatively high.

It is the 5th generation of the Aegis line. It was launched in the later part of 2019. The mod comes with a bunch of stuff in the box. Upon unboxing, you will get a user manual, a warranty card, an spare coil for the Zeus tank, a spare glass tube (2ml), a ziplocked bag filled with spare seals and O-rings, an extra rubber cover for the USB port, some screws, a USB-C charging cable, and the Zeus sub-ohm tank (with a coil pre-installed). This model is considered to be the successor to the Aegis Legend, which I’m a big fan of.


The most prominent feature of this vape mod that makes it extraordinary and striking from others is its vibrant screen (I’ll get to that soon). The device has a IP67 rating making it waterproof, shockproof and dustproof. It is a dual 18650 “Indestructible Mod”. The mod can tolerate a dirty, dusty environment. It can also withstand immersion in water for up to 30 minutes that too at a depth of about 1 meter.


It is actually pretty small in size and fits nicely in your hand. It is 90 millimetres from top to bottom, 56.1 millimetres in breadth, and 31.3 millimetres thick, excluding the tank. The Zeus tank brings it to around 128 millimetres.

Graphic showing the chipset used inside the GeekVape Aegis X e-cigarette


The GeekVape Aegis X has 27 millimeters wide metal platform on the top of the device, which provides room for a charging port and 510 connector so you can drop in any compatible tank.

On one side, there are three buttons situated on a brushed metal frame. In previous Aegis models, there was a screen on this side. The switches are optimized for single-hand operation. The upper one and more prominent button is the fire button that ignites the mod. Two small control buttons are given at the lower end of this side for adjusting the wattage.

On the “rear” side, we have a design that beautifies the mod and gives it a sleek and stylish look. This side contains rubbery three-sided edges with a coloured metal frame in the centre around the textured leather on the left side. The purpose of adding a textured leather piece and rubber to the body is to make it easier for you to hold and to omit the chances of the device slipping out of your hand. For the comfort of the users, the side with the textured leather feels cushioned inside. It aids with ergonomic purpose and protects your fingers from tiring out.

On the front, we have a big screen with the company’s logo at the bottom.

On the bottom side of the mod, we have a button that opens up the battery compartment. And a few holes for the venting if the battery heats up a little too much to hold.


The GeekVape Aegis X mod is built with six different types of high-grade materials. This is in order to improve the user experience and durability of the device.


The colour range includes green, gold, red, camouflage, stealth black, signature orange, classic silver, and rainbow. The rainbow version is my personal favourite.


With just five clicks of the firebutton, the 2.4 inch TFT screen turns on. Its brightness level can be increased and decreased with the help of the two control buttons. The two battery signs on either side of the screen show the remaining life of the cells.  Coil resistance, voltage, current load, and puff counter are also shown on the screen. The plastic panel of the screen is super thick and unbreakable. With a few clicks you can even change the UI (there are 3 to choose from). The screen is the main thing that makes it unique from other devices and it really stands out.

Device Functions

The GeekVape Aegis X mod works smoothly and efficiently. After attaching the tank by screwing it onto the device, the screen is turned on by pressing the fire button five times. Now you have to adjust the settings. The M1 that is written right on top gets highlighted first on the screen. It is the profile name. You can adapt among different profiles or presets from M1 to M4. You can even customize them yourself.

The next thing that gets highlighted after you press the fire button is the ‘power’ sign. A variable power curve will appear showing bypass mode, stainless steel TCR, Nickle TCR, titanium TCR, and just TCR/TCR if you have a different kind of temperature control metal that you want to use.

Buttons Quick-Guide

  • Five rapid clicks of the fire button to turning the device on and off.
  • Clicking the fire button three time takes you to the menu
  • The up and down control buttons will increase or decrease the highlighted part of the screen. Press the fire button to accept
  • You can adjust screen brightness by pressing fire and control buttons at the same time
  • If you hold the up and down button together in the menu bar, it will take you to the sub-menu
  • Press the up and down control button together to lock the wattage setting. You can just hit the fire button to vape as usual.


You can also change screen colour, theme and even reset the settings back to original. The GeekVape Aegis X mod provides you with five different colours for the UI: orange, blue, red, green, and yellow. The lock mode can be applied after you are done adjusting your settings. It locks the two control buttons to prevent the wattage increased or decreased with the touch of your fingers while enjoying a nice vape session.


The long-lasting optimal flavor is provided by

  • Z 0.4 coil 0.4ohm KA1: It has a power range of about 50 to 60W
  • Z 0.2 coil 0.2ohm KA1: The pre-installed coil with a power range of about 70 to 80W

Automatic Battery Balancing

ABB, or automatic battery balancing, is one option that you get in the settings menu. It is an incredible feature of this device. It works by utilizing both the batteries equally. As well as charges them while maintaining the balance so that if the time comes to replace them, both can be discarded and changed simultaneously. This assists in increasing the batteries’ life and, in turn, saves you from the trouble of changing the batteries every few months. Moreover, a fully charged battery can easily last you a day of vaping at around 70 to 75W.

Image showing the dual 18650 batteries used in the GeekVape Aegis X sub-ohm vape


The Zeus tank has extremely smooth adjustable top airflow. The mouth piece is designed perfectly to give you a sufficient surface area to inhale. It does not create any irritating noise.

Safety Features

Aegis X mod is built with several grade safety features. It provides us with short circuit protection, 10-S cut-off protection, overcharging and discharging protection, overheat protection, over current protection, anti-dry hit protection (in temperature control mode only).


The price of the Aegis X Zeus kit is relatively affordable when factoring in that it’s an upgrade from the standard Aegis X. You can grab one for £59.99, or a bundle that comes with two e-liquids of your choice for £79.78

Pros & Cons


  • Big, bright screen
  • No sharp edges; the body has bevels at each corner that makes it feel round while holding.
  • ABB mode.
  • Excellent performance by the Zeus Tank


  • The upper platform that allows you to attach the tank is slightly smaller, about 1 cm, than the Legend version.
  • The battery door is a bit finnicky, which was also the case on the Legend.


With the GeekVape Aegis X, you get a kit that is polished, vogue and whatnot. It looks like a fancy gadget in your hand. The company claims to provide its customers with a healthy vaping experience; given the publicity it has gained over the years, it has remained true to that. I would highly recommend it. It is worth every penny you spend.

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