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VooPoo Argus Pro Review

Every time VooPoo comes out with a new product, it conquers the top position right away. The company has been coming up with a lot of innovative devices lately. They have recently launched a new pod mod device and its pro version; the Argus X and Argus Pro, respectively. Both these devices come in a kit filled with a bunch of other things inside.

Before giving you the review in detail, let me take you through a virtual unboxing of the Argus pro vape kit. As you peel off the plastic covering, a black box gets unveiled. Take the box off, and you get the vape kit. It consists of the device along with a couple of coils. You take the device in your hands, and underneath you will find a user manual booklet and a USB C-type charging wire. The Argus Pro edition is slightly smaller than its simple Argus X version, due to it featuring a built in battery. Without any further ado, let’s dive into the features of the mod.

Specifications & Features

Vape Kit

At first glance, the vape kit feels like a small black suitcase. It is a pelican-style hard plastic case that is waterproof. It has a pick n pluck foam inside that holds the device. The company’s name, VooPoo, is displayed over it. It has moulded-in lockable hasp that work very smoothly and keeps things safely inside. Overall, the kit looks vogue.


The vape kit consists of two coils packed in foil like a pill. Both of the two PNP coils are mesh coils.

  • Coil 1: PnP-VM1 with 0.3-ohm resistance and 30 to 40 watts of power. Suggested e-liquid by the company for this mesh coil is nicotine smaller than or equal to 10 mg.
  • Coil 2: PnP-VM6 0.15-ohm resistance and 60 to 80-watts of power. Suggested e-liquid by the company for this mesh coil is nicotine smaller than or equal to 10 mg.

Both the coils provide their users with the gushes of flavours and thick clouds. One cool feature of the Argus Pro is that it is compatible with all PnP coils, which is a great option. VooPoo is delivering big thrills in small bills.

User Manuals

The user manual comprises all the information required for a beginner, from starting their device to the usage process, attaching/detaching the tank, and refilling. You will not need an experienced person’s assistance to get started. The booklet is all you need to get the basics (but it should be noted that this vape kit isn’t much more complex than the majority of pod mods out there).


Graphic detailing the 3000mAh battery in the VooPoo Argus Pro pod mod

The pod mod comes with a built-in 3000 milliamp-hour battery. The battery is chargeable with the help of a 5V/2A fast-charging USB wire. The type-C charging cable comes in the box for this purpose, and a charging port is given on the flat side of the pod mod. The Argus Pro pod mod’s body has a circular cap-like thing at the bottom, which gives the misconception of an opening for the battery, but it is fixed and does not screws off. In comparison, Argus X has the same thing that is actually an opening for the battery.


It has a tiny moveable airflow controller on the body. It is there to aid the users with adjustment of the amount of airflow they want. The company has undoubtedly worked on the comfort of its users and we’d love to see this on more pod mods.

Design & Appearance

The Argus Pro has an elegant-looking body. It has a cylindrical, more of a tube-like, shape with one flat side. The flatter side has all the control buttons, screen, and a hook on top. On the body, it has the company logo, ‘VOOPOO’, written on one side near the control buttons, and Argus written stylishly on the coloured leather piece. GENE.TT chip is also registered on the other end, a salient feature of this pod mod. It has a broad mouthpiece that fits into any mouth shape.


The body of Argus Pro is made up of two materials: Zinc alloy and leather. The metal frame gives it a shiny look, and leather makes it easier to hold. Overall, it feels pretty durable.

Rubber Sleeve

The pod mod has a patterned rubber sleeve that comes off. It covers the transparent e-liquid tank. It provides the pod tank with protection and also gives it a beautiful look. However, I did start to become annoying when refilling, especially with the 2ml TPD version of the tank.

Pod Tank

The pod tank has a hole on the bottom for refilling. It uses a silicon stopper to make sure nothing leaks out and in my experience so far, it’s done the job really well. It is attached to the device with the help of three strong magnets. The magnets make the attaching process so easy that the pod sits firmly on the device with just a little push.


This portable device has 124 mm (118 mm EU TPD) dimensions × 35 mm × 31 mm with a weight of 170 grams, including the filled e-liquid tank. It has a 5 to 80 W adjustable power range which is huge.


On the flat side of the Argus pro pod mod, a rectangular hook is attached. The hook is slightly short for it to be fastened with the belt or lanyard. It keeps flapping up and down, and it’s a little hard to resist playing with it the whole time, which makes it kind of unnecessary and annoying (or fun if you like to fidget). It does give the vape kit a bit of a trendy and rugged look though.


You can get an idea of its size from the dimensions mentioned above. Its small and compact size makes it easy to hold and place in the pocket or bag. It feels roundish in the hand as if you are holding 2 to 3 ball pens together.  The leather and metal finish makes it effortless to hold. There’s also a nice weight to it which somehow makes it feel a bit more premium in my opinion.

Colour Combos

Image showing the colour variants of the VooPoo Argus Pro vaporiser

The Argus pro vape comes in a variety of colours. The leather part of the pod mod has a different colour from the metal frame on each device, making it look catchy and stylish. The shades include carbon fibre and black, denim and silver/ black, vintage grey and silver/ black, litchi leather and red/ black, and litchi leather and blue/ black.


The straight side of the Argus Pro has a screen situated between the fire and the control buttons. It has a vivid colour screen of around 0.96 inches. The o-led screen is supposedly unbreakable and has a plastic finish.

Performance & GENE.TT Chip

VooPoo came with an incredibly new adaptation to their pod mods. With the installation of the Gene.TT chip the pod mod’s ignition speed has increased to up to 0.001 seconds. This chip also provides its users with intelligent coil identification. It increases the user experience by bringing in big clouds within less than a second.


The Argus Pro pod mod starts in a typical way with the five clicks of the fire/power button. Upon turning on, the screen shows the battery indicator, what wattage you are at, a capital R for regular mode or RBA mode. Resistance and voltage are also displayed on the screen, along with the time and a puff counter.

  • The fire button and down button pressed together clear the puff counter.
  • The fire button and the up button pressed together locks the wattage of the device. Pressing them again unlocks it.
  • Pressing the fire button thrice changes the modes. Different modes have different screen colours. You can switch between smart (PnP coil) mode, RBA (user-defined) mode, A&P (double ignition) mode, and P (manual) mode.


The pod mod is equipped with four distinct modes.

  • The smart mode uses a PnP coil that identifies the best power and prevents the device from burning due to high intensity.
  • The RBA is a flexible model. It can be adjusted according to our preferences.
  • A capital P indicates manual mode, and it is a simple model.
  • A and P, also known as the double ignition mode, supports both manual and auto puff modes.

Safety Features

The Argus pro pod mod has multiple safety protections.

  • Overtime protection
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Overcharge protection
  • Output over-current protection
  • Over-discharge protection
  • Over-temperature protection
  • Max power protection

VooPoo has gone the extra mile with this device, ensuring that the users get a well-protected experience without any fear.


  1. It is not officially rated to be waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof, or ip67 rated, although VooPoo does market it as an outdoor friendly device
  2. On pressing the fire and up button, it locks the whole device while only control buttons should have been locked.


  1. It has a 3000 mAh battery that is a lot of battery life.
  2. The charge time is great.
  3. The VM coils are provide excellent flavour and clouds across the board.
  4. The device feels pretty comfortable in the hand.



Upon it’s announcement, we expected the price to be higher than most pod mods, but the great news is that it’s actually pretty cheap. You can pick it up for around £35, or £29.99 right here.

This little beast is loved by thousands of people so far, and all of them left positive reviews and a 4.8+ aggregate rating on different platforms. It ultimately fits in perfect with the company’s claim of ‘Try it. Feel the difference.”

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