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VooPoo Drag 3 Review


VooPoo, the OG is not an ordinary company. It has been working non-stop to produce e-cigarettes back-to-back, each with something new and exciting. It has worked hard to achieve its status among the top-notch vape manufacturing companies of the world. They always manage to have that spark that takes your vaping experience to the next level. This time the company came up with some exemplary devices with the catchword ‘Drag.’ The name itself is so simple and effective that it gives a spirit to the device. In this article, you will unbox with me and read a user-experienced review of the Drag 3 mod.

A new year and a new device; it’s a perfect time to update your gadgets. VooPoo launched its new variant of the Drag series at the start of the year, and it blew up. It is the descendant of Drag 1 and Drag 2, if you do not count Drag S, Drag X, the Drag Max, or the Drag X plus. It is heavily updated from the previous versions and outshines its competitors in many ways. The key feature of this device is its TPP tank. This tank has been launched as a crown adorning Voopoo’s Drag 3, and it has already, in my opinion, secured the first seat.

The Basics

So let’s get some of the basics out of the way before we dive in. The VooPoo Drag 3 has a GENE.FAN 2.0 chipset, dual 18650 battery compartment and 510 connection on top, similar to the first and second versions. Like most of the VooPoo vapes, it comes in a black box covered with laminated plastic. Once you open the box, you will get your sleek yet gracefully put device. It is safe to say it conquers the game of the first impression. There is a user manual placed under the mod and a type-C charging cable. Two coils with different resistance are also given with the mod and, of course, a TPP tank. This pretty much sums up everything that’s in the box. Let’s move towards some of the salient features of this new offspring of VooPoo.

Image highlighting various features of the VooPoo Drag 3 vape e-cigarette

Design & Appearance


The screen is the same one that VooPoo used in the Drag Max. It’s vibrant, crisp and clear. The UI (user interface) isn’t too cluttered and features dual battery indicators, wattage, puff counter, selected mode, voltage, resistance and a draw timer.


Let’s talk about the body. VooPoo ensured that this device looks more like a gadget and less like a mod. It has a metal finish with leather wrapping itself around the device. It looks pretty slick and techy in hand. I like the neo-industrial theme of the design. The silver aluminium has been moulded into a lining texture on the sides for ergonomic assistance. The leather itself is pretty nice. I always feel like the leather on mods is too squishy but the Drag 3 seems to be slightly better than what I’m used to. The leather part has colour options from which the users can choose between. It has Drag 3 imprinted on it and a squishy foam beneath that to aid the ergonomic purpose.


The mod roughly sits on a 3/4 fraction of an average sized hand. Your fingers can nicely cover it, exposing the edges of it, including the mouthpiece. The dimensions are: 138 × 25 × 52 mm, including the tank on top.


The tank is about 26 millimetres wide. It has a 510 pin which is gold plated. The TPP atomizer allows you to replace the glass/pod section with practically any other VooPoo glass. It is fixed and is held by four earth magnets that are found throughout VooPoo’s lineup. These magnets make a solid hold. They make an audible ‘tick’ sound when they stick to the mod. The Voopoo went super strong with the magnets because they wanted it to be cross-compatible with all the other VooPoo products. It can hold a large amount of liquid which is excellent in terms of capacity. In short, the tank on top is like a cherry on top.

A Variety of Colours

Like most mods, drag 3 also comes with the option of 5 colours. All the colours are dark and dusky to give the mod a luxurious and bossy vibe. The options include:

  • Sandy brown
  • Classic black
  • Marsala
  • Smokey grey
  • Prussian blue

I would recommend the marsala shade because it is not a standard colour in vapes; it will make your vape stand out among others.

Colour variants of the VooPoo Drag 3 kit

Features & Specs


One of the best moves by VooPoo is that the tank of Drag 3 is compatible with the top coil of any of its variants, i.e. Tank Pod Push (TPP), PnP, and 510. This is a unique and thoughtful decision of VooPoo. I love it on my Argus Pro, and I love it here.


The kit comes with the PNP magnetic coil head systems. The new atomizer coils are

  1. TPP-DM1 0.15 ohm
  2. TPP-DM2 0.2 ohm

The DM1 works best at a wattage range from 60 to 80W, and the DM2 can give a range from 40 to 60W. Both of these mesh coils can heat up faster and provide you with a strong hit of flavours. The DM1 gave me some great flavour and vapour, but I felt it was slightly hotter than I expected. The DM2 on the other hand, gave more intense flavour and a cooler vapour (at around 50W).


The VooPoo Drag 3 has a fast functioning Gene Fan 2.0 chipset. It can fire up to 177 watts, which is kind of bonkers. It also allows for plenty of user modes, which I’ll cover later on.


Drag 3 has a dual Lithium-ion battery option. The 18650 batteries sold separately, and they can easily last you for a day or more. The type-C USB cable is built to charge the dual batteries equally at a rate of 5V/2A which is beneficial for your battery life and saves you from extra expenses. A lot of people prefer external chargers for their batteries but most of these modern devices have the right safety features to keep you and your device safe when charging direct via the USB port.

An Image describing the batteries used in the VooPoo Drag 3 vape


The 510 base also has airflow control for ventilation. The airflow control panels are adjustable. I usually find that the sweet sport for most atomisers is with the airflow 75-80% open, but of course, your mileage may vary.

The Buttons and Their Magic

Every vape comes with only three buttons, considering the space on the device. These three buttons are multifunctional. Drag 3’s first and more prominent button is named the ignition, fire, or power button. Its primary task is to turn on the device. The other two buttons that are relatively smaller in size than the fire button are the control buttons. Their basic function is to decrease or increase either wattage, brightness and anything else a device has to offer.

These buttons also have some more complicated tasks including changing modes and level of resistance or power utilized. That’s done by pressing them more than once.

  • Press the fire button five times, and your device will turn on.
  • By holding both of the adjustment buttons together, you will get the TC mode. By being on the TCR mode menu, you can fix wattage and set coil resistance.
  • Press the fire button three times, and you will be able to change between the modes.
  • By pressing both the control buttons at the same time will take you to the UI menu. Using the control buttons, you can select the UI of your choice and press the fire button to confirm the selection.
  • For resetting the puff counter, hold the fire and lower the control button together.
  • To avoid messing up the adjustments made, you can lock the entire device while enjoying your vape session by holding the fire button and the top control button together.


The VooPoo Drag 3 has a few versatile modes:

  • Smart: The automatic mode. It adjusts to the correct output according to the installed coil.
  • RBA: This mode gives you ultimate control over your wattage output, perfect for, as the name suggests, RBA builds.
  • Super: This mode starts itself when you increase the wattage from 80 or more.

Safety Features

To make the mod as user-friendly as possible, Voopoo has stepped ahead this time with eight different safety protection features. They made sure that they are taking care of their customers and the device hand in hand. Those features include:

  1. Over time protection
  2. Short circuit protection
  3. Overcharge protection
  4. Output over current protection
  5. Over-discharge protection
  6. Over-temperature protection
  7. Balance charge with different brand battery
  8. Battery reverses protection.


  • The ability to fire rapidly.
  • The 510 adapter is cross-compatible.
  • Smart mode is highly adaptable for new vapers.
  • The new coils are excellent


  • The leather has a rough rusty finish, making it look as if it got dirty from continuous holding.
  • The finish made hand feel moist, which was a first and could lead to a slightly uncomfortable experience.


When it comes to its price, the VooPoo Drag 3 is super cheap for a flagship device. For all the features that it has, the price, which we’ve dropped to just £39.99, is nothing in my opinion.


Whether you have been vaping for six months or five years, this mod is for everybody. The efforts VooPoo has put into the making of this mod are easily visible. The design, build quality, performance, features, and the flavour rush (of the TPP tank and DM coils), everything is so on point, what else can a person ask for? Overall from my experience, I have concluded that this is my best purchase. I was a bit cautious about switching from my trusty GeekVape Aegis X Zeus, but I think I’ve finally found the one device that can outdo it. It is high time you should update your devices too.

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