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Scotland Supports Vaping

The debate surrounding the harmfulness of vaping continues and Scottish people are aware of that very well. But from a positive perspective, vapes have a very dominating benefit too. We cannot simply restrict the use of e-cigarettes or vapes and deny that they play a significant role in curtailing the habit of smoking cigarettes. As someone who successfully went from 20 cigarettes a day to 0 (8 months clean and going strong), I believe that the government should cut some slack to vapers and go easy on them. Restricting something entirely is not a solution at all and could lead to more harm than good.

Scottish people are expressing their wishes on the future of e-cigarettes, and we want to support them for the good of our public health

John Lee – Head of Public Policy & Public Affairs, SGF

Out of the five and a half million Scotland population, fewer than a quarter of them want the restrictions to be imposed. We should not ignore the fact that e-cigarettes and vaping products play a growing role in the country’s economy. The restriction can not only affect the population but also pose a negative impact on the a significant number of businesses.

Vaping is illegal in Scotland for people under 18 (as with any tobacco and nicotine related products). 70% or more of people are happy with this decision. While those older than the age of 18 are allowed to vape outdoors in public places and privately indoors. The use of vapes has spiked up in recent years as its status has improved from just an addiction-satisfying gadget to the fashionable and trendy thingy. The younger demographics are going crazy over it. The use of vape is now considered way more than just an alternative to smoking. From tricksters to diabetics looking to appease their sweet-tooth without the sugar, vaping is growing.

The Scottish government has come up intending to create a tobacco-free generation which sounds like a tough job. After all, it is going to be a mutual benefit. Their goal is to reduce the smoking population to as little as 5 percent by 2034. This is an excellent initiative as nobody wants their future generations to have the same bad addictions as themselves. If we all join hands in this, it might make a huge difference. None of us alone can make a difference; it has to be done together in harmony.

Though vaping has been in use for so long now, it would not be a good option to restrict the use of e-cigarettes without any warning. Government should instead take small steps towards the goal. The slow and steady walk would be a great option. Otherwise, you risk creating hardships on the public. We all know how just a single day of not smoking can take you a few steps towards improvement, and vaping in it’s place makes it easier to give up tobacco and nicotine altogether.

The Scottish Grocers Federation (SGF) has done a cross-country survey in which they found that only 24 percent of the total population agrees with the banning of vape promoting advertisements and the products themselves. The head of public policy and public affairs at the SGF, John Lee, stated that, “Scottish people are expressing their wishes on the future of e-cigarettes, and we want to support them for the good of our public health.”

Looking at the bigger picture, it’s clear that the Scottish government is not enforcing something against their community; instead, it is trying to help the public. A tobacco-free Scotland is a very real possibility over the next two decades and embracing the vape industry will almost certainly play a major role in achieving that goal.


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