ETHRA Survery Findings

European Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates (ETHRA) has released a series of graphics and a video to support its EU Nicotine Users Survey 2020 report. The results came from more than 35,000 EU respondents and confirm that there is an unstoppable movement towards harm reduction in Europe. So let’s dig in and see what they found:

In light of the results from the EU Nicotine Users Survey 2020, ETHRA recommends the lifting of the EU ban on the sale of snus, revising upwards the 10ml refill bottle and 20mg/ml nicotine concentration limits, and the publication of databases on vaping products.
“The repeal of vaping taxes in 12 countries and the lifting of flavour bans in Estonia, Finland and Hungary are also necessary to allow European smokers to have the freedom to quit smoking using low-risk products.”



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