Spotting Fake Geek Bars

Geek Bar disposable vape pen by Geek Vape

There are fakes?

Yup. With how disposables are booming in the UK right now, with Geek Bar being one of the most popular, there has been a wave of fakes, copies, clones or whatever you want to call them, as well as non-TPD compliant versions.

Who Cares If My Geek Bar Is Fake?

The biggest reason to care is your health. In the UK, any e-liquid featuring nicotine has to go through an approval process by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), due to the 2016 TPD Regulations. They also have a ban on certain flavours due to the ingredients in those flavours not being fit for consumption. Long story short, manufacturers are required to submit lab reports to the MHRA for approval. This includes the Geek Bar, which contains nic salts.

In the UK, the TPD limit for nic salts is 20mg nicotine strength (also known as 2%). This is alongside a maximum limit of 2ml in a vape pod or tank.

What about the Geek Bar Pro?

The Geek Bar Pro was never actually meant for the UK market; it’s a US-focused device. While it appeared everywhere with the first waves of Geek Bars coming into the country, every reputable retailer quickly put a stop to selling them within the UK. While the Geek Bar Pro is illegal in the UK, certain retailers have continued to sell them (with a premium, since they can’t legally be imported here).

What’s so special about the Geek Bar Pro?

The Geek Bar Pro comes with a 4.5ml pod, featuring 20mg(2%) and 50mg (5%) nicotine strength. Its biggest draw is that it can last up to 1500 puffs. The problem with buying Geek Bar Pros in the UK is that it will inevitably lead to further restrictions on vaping. And as any vaper in the UK knows, it’s already pretty strict in the UK. We recommend reporting sellers of the Geek Bar Pro to the MHRA to avoid further restrictions on vaping in the long run.

How To Spot A Fake Geek Bar

To make life easier, we’ve outline a few ways you can spot a fake:

1. Inaccurate Holograph missing the “scratch and check” with the wrong colouring:

real vs fake Geek Bar holograph

2. Incorrect manufacturer details:

Geek Bar fake vs real labeling

3. Invalid barcodes:

Geek Bar fake vs real bar-codes

September 2021 New Packaging

Geek Bar have recently updated their packaging design as well as adding a few more required labels, such as the over 18s label:

Geek Bar package design update